Room service menu

enjoy your meal. leave the rest to us.

7 am - 10.30 am
*a 10% surcharge applies to all room service orders

steak hub light & healthy

deep-fried chicken tenders in mix seeds, honey mustard dip
180 g │17 lei

the caesar of salads
romaine lettuce, garlic croutons, crispy bacon, grana shavings, dressing
250 g│24 lei

+ add chicken 
330 g│33 lei

crispy aged beef salad 
deep-fried aged beef file fingers, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, dressing 
300 g│59 lei

fresh baby spinach salad
with feta cheese, avocado, baked almond flakes, and a honey ginger dressing
250 g│32 lei

...some soups here and there 

delicious tomato soup with fresh basil, cherry mozzarella, and homemade Italian bread 
350 g│21 lei

goulash with the tenderest beef cheeks 
350 g│19 lei

 eating comfortably...

steak hub burger, fully homemade
200 grams from three cuts of beef, lettuce, fresh veggies, caramelized onions, pickled cucumber, onion rings, homemade burger bun, and fries from fresh potatoes 
500 g│39 lei
for cheeseburger add cheddar cheese
+3 lei

pulled pork sandwich & fresh fries 
slow-cooked pulled pork neck, bbq sauce, cheddar cheese, pickles and caramelized onion, fries from fresh potatoes
450 g │36 lei

aged beef noodles
aged beef fillet flakes, homemade Asian sauce, veggie spicy stir fry, and rice noodles 
350 g│59 lei

 Italian fresh pasta

      Tuscan fresh pasta        
pasta with Tuscan pork sausage and truffle pesto 
380 g │37 lei

if you still have someplace for...

wedge/fries potatoes
*we use fresh potatoes
200 g│10 lei

chimichurri dip (parsley, oregano, olive oil, garlic)
3 lei

rocket salad, cherry tomatoes, and grana
170 g │18 lei

sweet for the soul

the most delicious homemade tiramisu
mascarpone cheese, egg yolk, sugar, Grand Marnier, and espresso
150 g│18 lei

strawberry  tart 
150 g │19 lei

hot beverages

7 lei

espresso macchiato 
8 lei

espresso macchiato decaf/originated
9 lei

8 lei

cappuccino decaf/originated
9 lei

cafe latte
9 lei

cafe latte decaf/originated
10 lei

latte macchiato
9 lei

latte macchiato decaf/originated
10 lei

hot chocolate black/white
12 lei

cold beverages

11 lei

frapuccino decaf/originated
12 lei

freshly squeezed
orange, grapefruit, mix
30 cl│15 lei

squeezed from lemons ...
50 cl│13 lei

with fresh mint
50 cl│13 lei

with fresh mint and ginger
50 cl│17 lei

with fresh seasonal fruits
50 cl│17 lei

squeezed from grapes...
with wine - ask your wait-person

red wine - ask your wait-person

rose wine - ask your wait-person

Please address any other requests to our staff, who will be more than happy to give you all possible support!

Please communicate the desired meal option and the time you want to serve it. Last order 21.30.

Please notify us in due time of any dietary restrictions (intolerance, allergy, diet) so that we can serve you adapted to your needs

enjoy your meal!

for safer communication, please contact us:  
  +40 359 403 333
room int 331
messages via WhatsApp +40 733 770 216